If only..

Management Blog 2012.04.04 19:28

When I was young there were many times that I said

"If only I had started that idea then..I would have been…"

I said this most of the time and had some kind of regret of not putting my ideas to action. The regret would get pretty big when someone would later on made a big success with an almost similar idea or business model.

I believe a lot of people say this to themselves often to cheer themselves up. But something I realized recently is that it doesn't matter if someone else made tons of money with my idea. What is important is that you can create that idea and consistently make new ones. Many companies will thrive because of 'a good idea' but many of those companies go bankrupt because they only have that one idea.

What is more important is that you can keep on making good ideas, which usually come from hard analyzing, seeking efficiency, endless learning and daring to try new thoughts, and then you can keep on thriving. I've realized that, although you do need a home run once a while, it is more efficient in life and business to be hitting field plays with a high average of 0.350 rather than always hitting a home run with a 0.150 average.

So if you are regretting that good idea that slipped away. or that business plan that you didn't have enough money to drive, What matters most is that you possess a mental system that can make a new better idea in the future.

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