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  1. 2011.04.20 Why Twitter is important (1)
Why Twitter is important
I've recently noticed that instead of relying on any advertised message i encounter on a magazine or flyer I search twitter of people who i think i might relate to and i use their opinions or review.

An easy example is me buying a camera.
I used to go to shops look at the models in person and test shot them and then I would make the purchase.

After that phase I would look reviews up on the internet on blogs or magazines. And then i would make my purchase .

Nowadays I check out what kind of gear people use searching twitter who might match my taste in photo shooting equipment. As a result I had got two recommendations on the Sony Nex-5 and I made the purchase.

These two people actually have really good taste in buying things and I also envy their equipment time to time. And after processing this data in my head I impulsively bought the camera and to tell you the truth I'm very pleased with the purchase.Thank you @mickeyk & Keunhakim

This event shows that my reference for exploring options for buying stuff has changed from thrown information in a piece of paper to a more closer social network recommendation.

That's where Twitter comes in.
Twitter's mechanism is basically you follow someone that you are friends with,someone you want to be friends with, or Basically someone you would want to be someday. If anyone of those people recommended something it is very likely that a normal human would put that opinion as a valid one in his or her mind. Just like the recent @yjchung68 incident of him recommending a 400$ fan from Dyson without propellars. It instantly became one of things 'clogging the tube' .

I believe since the smartphone era has started and has leaped the chasm. We will very soon see the importance of Twitter arise in the advertisement area. So if you aren't using it I strongly RECOMMEND you do.:)

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